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Being self-taught bakers, we understand how imperial it is to understand course materials spread across the internet. With so many variants of recipes out there, it gets a lot tougher to grasp a single one

So to make things easier, we thought of coming up with a single repository which would give our students a one stop solution. Trying to gain access to courses or seeking answers to queries? Now you know where to find us!

Learn From The Baking Experts

Our courses are targeted to those upcoming bakers who have a knack towards creating their own creations.

Here, you will find our well-tailored courses which are easy to understand, recipes which have been finalised after years of experimenting and that too at reasonable rates!

How Euphoric Cakes Started?

It all started with the creation of our parent page on Instagram, Euphoric Arts. Rutika initially started out by selling artistic paintings and handmade gift hampers such as customized pop-up boxes which turned out to be a success. This transition was made easier when Apurva joined the team too with her unique set of skillsets.  

As festivals were approaching, we thought of tagging chocolates along with our hampers which slightly deviated us towards the idea of selling cakes too. As time passed by, we knew that cakes needed to have an independent catalogue of its own. And that’s how Euphoric Cakes was born!

Rutika patel at Euphoric Cakes
Rutika Patel Co-Founder Of Euphoric Cakes

How Euphoric Cakes Started?

We specialize in cakes and other savouries while delivering home-made products on an ad hoc basis across the city. We come from very different backgrounds! Rutika has a degree in Bachelors in Arts while Apurva is a Commerce Undergrad, yet the friendship goes way back to their school days. We never thought that we would be home bakers at any point of our journey.

Happy Faces of Happy Students

Lots Of Love

Hey Rutika hope you are doing well in these trying times! All I wanted to say this that I loved your workshop soo soo soo much!! Came to know about so many new things!! I know you were very exhausted till we reached the end but then also you replied to each and every one so nicely!! Loved the Ganache recipe is the best not gonna lie. Have made them 100s of time and it hasn’t disappointed me even once. Lots and Lots of love to You, Apoorva and especially Euphoric Cakes! HAPPY BAKING!🌈

Gun Jagwani On Euphoric Cakes
Gun Jagwani

People With Skills

Thank you so much mam, these days people with skills don’t prefer to help the beginners but you are humble enough to share your talent with each one of us😊❤️ Wishing all the success for you!❤️

Tamanna Nankani On Euphoric Cakes
Tamanna Nankani

A Perfect Ganache

Amazing Class by such A Beautiful Soul🌸✨ Thank you So Much For this class😍 Learnt so many new techniques and most importantly A perfect Ganache❤️ Once Again Abundance Of Thank You✨❤️

Radhika On Euphoric Cakes

A Priceless Experience

The Hands-On-Workshop by Rutika was amazing and experience which we had was priceless. I specially travelled from my hometown to learn baking classes by @euphoric_cakes. The key features with technical tips and tricks of baking were taught by Rutika and in addition to this, we got to know that it’s better to start from scratch. After this workshop, I tried my first ever cake and it was so delicious and fascinating. Thank you Rutika for this one! Hope to see you soon and attend more classes.

Aaditya Joshi On Euphoric Cakes
Aaditya Joshi
From Passion To Profession

The Tutors & Founder

Learn the how’s, if’s & why’s of baking & cake making from our Enthusiastic Expert Baker. She the best in what she does.

Rutika Patel Co-Founder Of Euphoric Cakes

Rutika Patel

Rutika Patel is a diligent self-taught baker hailing from Pune. She paved her way into the baking industry by starting off with a Chocolate Cake that she first baked in her own kitchen which ended up being the most sold bakery items under her belt in the course of her journey. She also is an enthusiastic dancer who came across as an influencer on social media due to her engaging videos on baking. We are sure you may have come across one of her reels on Instagram!

Rutika Patel Co-Founder Of Euphoric Cakes 2

About Rutika

Meet Rutika, a passionate home baker from Pune with over 4.5 years of experience in creating delightful baked goods. With a thriving community of 3,000+ students, Rutika has become a popular content creator who believes in combining the joy of dancing with the art of baking. Ranked 7th among the top ten rising creators globally, she offers fun and entertaining content that keeps followers engaged and inspired. Join the dance and bake movement with Rutika today!

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